Digital Transfer Services
My Specialty is
8mm & 16mm Film !
Nobody Does it Better !
Let me show You !

I'll Save Your Memories !

I have over forty years experience.
I offer the very best
Quality Prices & Service !
One Day on Most !

So many people waste their
hard earned time & money.
Only to be sorry they didn't
get a professional to transfer
and convert their memories.
Stop letting those films
sit around the closet,
under the bed or in the garage.

They may get damaged
or even lost. Let me
Convert them to Digital
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8MM and 16 MM FILM
I scan frame-by-frame at 15pps
 in AVI high definition. I
can handle up to 10" Reels.
What sets my machine apart
is that there are NO claws,
sprockets, or pinch rollers.
Frame by Frame scanning
requires a special software
to capture each & every
frame from the film.
This ensures no
details will be lost between
 frames and all the details of
 every image will be the
 highest possible quality.
The film is scanned in AVI
format for the best
Digital quality before
the final reproduction.
I save this film on My